Working late tonight

I saw you through the doorway
I watched you hold her tight
You said “Let’s go to your place”
You said “Let’s go and speed the night”
And you laughed as you spoke
But I don’t see the joke
You walked her out the door and out my life
Now I sit and do my make-up
It’s easy to disguise
But hard to make my mind up
Or hide the pain behind my eyes
I work night and day
In this smail cold cafe
Finding that the more I work the less I hurt
I’m working late tonight
I’m doing double time
Hiding from emotion I’m so tired
Love is still in motion and I find
I’m working late tonight
I’m doing double time
‘Cause baby working late tonight helps keep you off my mind
So now I’m washing dishes
And getting dirty hands
While you give her three wishes
I’m still cleaning pots and pans
Well they say life is tough
At the top thats fair enough
But living at the bottoms not so hot